June 23, 2017

The Bachelor episode 10 preview: Vanessa Grimaldi, Nick Viall's overnight date

01 March 2017, 02:30 | Tami Weber

Quick reminder: Last week ended with Andi Dorfman knocking on Nick's hotel room door, and after a full week of build-up - why is she here?

According to ABC, Nick and his Final 3 ladies will then travel to Lapland, Finland to hopefully fall deeper in love.

What time is The Bachelor on tonight?

Who do you want to win The Bachelor Season 21?

Next week, the bachelor responds to both of those revelations with a frisky three-hour episode.

Watch a preview of The Bachelor 2017 Episode 9. Sipping on whiskey (Nick's drink of choice), he dished on the experience this time around and revealed that he understands Andi's position much better these days.

"The Bachelor" season 21 victor might not be Vanessa Grimaldi.

What is Andi Dorfman doing at Nick's hotel door? Andi cracks sarcastic jokes. She took Nick shopping and introduced him to her nanny, Raquel. Isn't that the entire premise of the show?

"I do love you and it would be the worst thing I could do to not tell you that", she said.

So, does that mean we can expect to see her on Bachelor in Paradise this summer? OK, Anna has just informed me that Andi was slut-shamed during her season after Nick revealed on After the Final Rose that they had sex in the fantasy suite.

All of the remaining women were tense entering the rose ceremony, including Corinne, who, despite feeling like she'd had an incredible hometown date, acknowledged that "anything could happen". There will be some Nick Viall - Vanessa Grimaldi overnight date drama, and then there will also be a few opportunities to see whether or not Rachel Lindsay can connect with him before the final two are chosen.

Nick is flattered and impressed with Raven's profession of love.

They talk about what their future would look like, and Nick asks, "Can you fold clothes?" which is something every woman wants to be asked by a man they'd like to marry.

Corinne cries immediately, and Nick offers to walk her out. Andi and Nick had a very close, but also a very tumultuous relationship a few years back on The Bachelorette, and when we were in NY, where Andi lives now, she chose to pay Nick a visit. He assures her she did nothing wrong and has nothing to be ashamed of (really?), and she wishes him luck before the real waterworks come out in the limo.

The Rose Ceremony: Vanessa was still licking her wounds after finding out on her hometown date that Nick had asked the fathers of all four women for their blessings to propose. Nick doesn't seem too upset about leaving Corinne behind.

Raven gets the first one-on-one date of fantasy suite week (and the only one in this episode).

His first Bachelor ex, from 2014. Regardless, Raven doesn't take the phrase lightly, and Nick recognizes that.

Raven's ex only told her he loved her when he was drunk but never sober and they dated like two years.

Later that night, Raven and Nick meet up for a romantic candle-lit dinner.

On Tuesday, the reality star also made an appearance on Good Morning America, admitting that while she was "blindsided" by the elimination, she doesn't regret telling Viall, 36, that she was in love with him. Later, Nick turns emotional as his anxiety increases.

But she was keen to tell Nick she loved him, even though he couldn't say it back.

The First Fantasy Suite: Raven does the traditional jump-leg wrap-hello to Nick and they hop aboard a helicopter to creep on some reindeer, while kissing enough to make the helicopter pilot feel like a third wheel in his own helicopter.

Nick and Raven play some darts and then sit by the fire (he also says she's the ideal combination of salty and sweet, which is like, what?).

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