June 28, 2017

Having Switch Joy-Con issues? Nintendo suggests these "fixes"

07 March 2017, 12:57 | Marie Dunn

Having Switch Joy-Con issues? Nintendo suggests these "fixes"

Switch Pro Controller's Secret Message

Just a few months after the first formal product announcements in October 2016, Nintendo's Switch home-portable-hybrid video game console went on sale on Friday. However, it is nice to see brands and companies come together to wish Nintendo congratulations for the success of its Switch.

The Nintendo Switch is in short supply just about everywhere, so tearing into it is probably one of the most foolish things you can do. It had been experimenting with skins for the Nintendo Switch and found that the adhesive needed to stick the skin to the console was not playing nice with the machine.

Try to decrease the distance between the Joy-Con and the Nintendo Switch console. A French game-reporting website Nintendoactu reported on its Twitter handle that both Joy-Con controllers can be used effectively with a PC.

Other issues have been reported with the Switch hardware - most commonly a tendency for the left Joy-Con controller to de-sync. " meaning, of course, "Thanks to all game fans!". To make a direct comparison, this is double than what Wii U was sold in 2013, which stood at 40,000 units, but less than what was done by Nintendo 3DS (113,000 units).

The latest and greatest gaming console from Nintendo was just released Friday, but getting your hands on one in Denver is proving hard.

If you own a Nintendo Switch, then you may want to take some precautions against scratches.

Although the United Kingdom support pages still don't seem to mention it the American ones have an entry for "Joy-Con Not Responding or Responding Incorrectly When Used Wirelessly".

While the rest of the screen continues to function normally, these pixels can be particularly frustrating for those looking at the Switch's screen for extended periods of time. But you can only share one at a time.

The other option is a good old-fashioned screen protector.

While you can pick any of the 28 games individually, or leave the decision to chance using Shuffle mode, the best part is Team Battle.

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