June 28, 2017

Which runs 'Zelda' better: Nintendo Switch or the Wii U?

06 March 2017, 06:31 | Marie Dunn

Image Kotaku

Image Kotaku

Will you still be playing or purchasing the Switch? "What helped me with this was my hometown, Kyoto". The game picks right up wherever I left off. Ocarina of Time cleverly solved the challenges of 3D Action/RPG with it's genius Z-targeting and auto-jump. I'm probably going to break my only good sword.

The problems for Breath of the Wild for Nintendo Switch start to arise in the game's performance. But running, gliding and climbing will all have Link gasping for breath.

Exploration is another key element. I'm the same age as the North American release of the original Legend of Zelda for the Nintendo Entertainment System, and it has been my favourite game as long as I can remember. Trust me, you won't regret it. As you will see, each time you climb, you will lose part of your stamina. The basics first: Breath of the Wild targets a native 900p presentation while in docked mode, while using the device in portable mode gives you a 720p native image. That is the destination, but this game is all about the journey. So you really should keep an eye on your meter and be sure to not over do it. You might learn a vague hint of where to go but must discover that place on your own. That's the amiibo rune, and using it allows Link to summon all sorts of treasure.

Also, I have discovered that you can dye clothing.

There have been some concessions to modern game design, however, as I noted in my initial hands-on impressions. Lots and lots of different items can be used as weapons, from traditional swords, to anything a foe wields (including their arms, sometimes) and even farming equipment like hoes and forks. One of the main features and changes to the game is a true open-world. It's true that I am on the glass half empty side of analysis more often than not, and as such, I was expecting that I may not be quite as over the moon about The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild as most reviewers, handing the game so many ideal 10s it's now one of the best-reviewed games ever made. Then you jump off the tower, but you can fast travel back to it later if you need to. Oh, and there are various critters around the world that make an excellent addition to an elixir. The safety felt earned and was therefore much more enjoyable. The Shrines are mostly hidden and - in a way - unnecessary.

The shrines (mini-dungeons/ trials) are fairly simple so far. There are plenty more where that came from. I did a word lookup for "tower" on the major reviews and some of them never even mentioned them at all. Wind Waker and Twilight Princess are the first and second.

But that wasn't the only surprise we learned about Breath of the Wild's development.

There are a bunch of fantastic indies available at launch as well, so for those who aren't impressed by the big AAA titles, or is perhaps a bit of a cheapskate but still wants to grab a few games, this is where you'll want to pay the most attention.

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