June 28, 2017

Trump willing to use engagement on North Korea crisis: South Korea envoy

20 May 2017, 01:01 | Kristin Schwartz

Moon's special envoys depart to key partner countries

South Korea's Moon says 'high possibility' of conflict with North as missile crisis builds

Thousands of citizens gathered on Thursday to cheer on the scientists over the successful launch of Hwasong 12, the medium-range missile fired on Sunday, the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) said. They are testing, and they are testing often. The Musudan is one of the most advanced missiles that Pyongyang has tested successfully.

Harris was careful not to include rhetoric that suggested that Kim Jong-un and his regime should be replaced.

Asked about Haley's comments, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said China would work hard at reducing tensions on the Korean peninsula and finding a peaceful resolution. They chose to launch at a higher-than-usual angle to avoid this situation. It flew to an altitude of 2,111.5 kilometers, and traveled 787 kilometers before landing in the Sea of Japan. North Korea said that the test was a legitimate defense against threats from a hostile US.

Speaking to reporters ahead of a closed-door UN Security Council meeting, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley made it clear that Washington would only communicate with North Korea if it halted the nuclear program.

THAAD is aimed at guarding against threats from nuclear-armed North Korea, but China fears it will upset the regional security balance.

The growing threats from the North prompted Seoul to recently deploy a powerful United States anti-missile system despite angry opposition by China that sees it as a threat to its own military capability. "The Chinese public has no interest in the complexities of missile defense systems". He said the launch had been detected by the US THAAD anti-missile system.

Tillerson was also quoted as saying he hopes the North will take chances and "trust the US".

Haley said the USA and China have been working on "a unified plan" on how to approach North Korea that would include stronger implementation of existing sanctions and tougher new sanctions.

A member of Hong's delegation, who requested anonymity, also quoted Tillerson as saying that the United States meant it when it said it seeks no regime change, no invasion of the North and it will guarantee the North's system.

A special envoy representing Moon is due to visit China on Thursday for talks on THAAD and the overall bilateral relationship. However, it is already in place and working. "And then we're going to continue to take care of Japan".

Moon, who was sworn in last week, warned that the North's nuclear and rocket programmes were "advancing rapidly", days after Pyongyang launched what appeared to be its longest-range missile yet.

Protesters were rallying against Park's ties to a corruption scandal, and not against her responses to North Korea provocations or her commitment to the alliance with the United States.

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