June 23, 2017

If Israelis and Palestinians make peace it may spread across region

26 May 2017, 07:29 | Grady King

If Israelis and Palestinians make peace it may spread across region

Mrs. Trump visits Brussels children's hospital, art museum

Trump flew to Israel from Riyadh earlier in the day, on the second leg of his first overseas trip since entering office in January.

The US president is expected to visit the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and the Western Wall, an important Jewish holy site, as part of his trip.

Netanyahu, for his part, wasn't feeling quite as much love and made a decision to take several potshots at Trump's predecessor, President Obama.

So, just what did Trump's note say?

In Monday's public appearance of Trump with Netanyahu, the Israeli leader showed no signs he was upset about Trump's disclosure of intelligence.

During his visit, Trump is expected to make a push to relaunch long-stalled peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians. "We can not stand a moment longer for the slaughter of innocent people", Trump said. "So we tell them how you are great, and they love you". They're losers. And we'll have more of them.

Despite the president's claim, White House aides have tried to play down expectations for significant progress on the peace process during Trump's stop.

'I have a feeling that we're gonna get there eventually, ' USA president said.

Trump, who co-authored The Art of the Deal, has repeatedly referred to brokering peace between Israel and Palestine as "the ultimate deal". "But with determination to compromise and believe peace is possible, Israelis and Palestinians can reach a deal", he said.

Moving the embassy was a campaign promise of Trump's going back to the Republican primaries.

RT: Trump in the past promised to move the USA embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, but that has yet to come to fruition. He added that Jews in Israel are free to do whatever they dream, and that "Muslims, Christians and people of all faiths are free to live and worship according to their conscience" there.

Israel has controlled both the eastern and western sides of Jerusalem since 1967, although the Palestinians consider East Jerusalem their capital.

"I assure you of our commitment to the two-state solution and to live together with our neighbors in security and peace", Abbas said.

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