June 28, 2017

IPhone to add new feature that will stop texting while driving

08 June 2017, 12:03 | Kristin Schwartz

AMD Radeon Pro WX 2100 and WX 3100

AMD Radeon Pro WX 2100 and WX 3100

Again, Apple is planning to release iOS public beta next month, so you'll have some waiting to do.

Apple Inc. upgraded most of its Mac computers on Monday, including a powerful new offering for professional users, showing renewed commitment to a product line that critics say it neglected amid lackluster growth.

At WWDC 2017, Apple promised a new, more natural-sounding and more sophisticated Siri voice - but it has yet to appear on our writer's iPhone 7 Plus. There's a Games tab and an Apps tab with featured apps and they've also put articles about apps on the Today page. The files are saved within the Photos app and can be shared on social media, messaging or email.

Apple's iPhone 8 is still months away from being revealed but the USA technology giant may have given a glimpse of what's to come. The good part about the feature is that it not only organises files on your iPad and iPhone but also those in apps, in iCloud and in Dropbox.

What can I use Files for?

However, Apple's just-released developer iOS 11 has been found to include a feature that lets Snapchatters record photos and videos without the sender knowing. But with over 2 million apps on the Apple's App store, a purge of this size would mean that Apple would lose almost 10 percent of all of its apps.

Other iPhone 8 rumours include a new edge-to-edge display which will cover nearly the entire front of the phone and a fingerprint scanner which could be embedded under the screen.

64-bit processors are capable of handling massively higher amounts of data at once, around four billion times higher than 32-bit processors, which make them much faster to use. On iPad, you sometimes have to swipe up at least twice, however. But you can access VIP contacts while emergency. Tap into that and search for Control Center. Now you'll be able to start taking notes with your Apple Pencil directly from lockscreen - all you'll have to do is to touch the pencil on screen of iPad, and a new window will pop up where you'll be able to note down or draw anything that you want to.

On iPhones, there's also no "spring-loading", aka the ability to "move content from one app to another by hovering over the icon".

Apple's Dark Mode feature has been teased for quite some time and was spotted on iOS 10's Developer Preview as well. The users can then interact with the device as normal safe in the knowledge that the new recording functionality will actually be recording it all natively. The articles feature news or tips on how to use popular apps. For example, like all browsers not named Chrome, Safari has long supported a nice Reader View that strips away the ads and other nonsense in web articles.

Finally, I'll just point out that Swift Playgrounds, which is only on the iPad, is even more awesome now, and it is packed with learning content.

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