June 28, 2017

United Kingdom heads to hung parliament as Conservatives lose majority in general elections

10 June 2017, 12:22 | Grady King



May had unexpectedly called the snap election seven weeks ago, even though no vote was due until 2020.

If the latter happens, Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the largest opposition party may be invited by the Queen to form a government either as a minority or in coalition with another party or parties.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn called on her to step down, saying she should "go and make way for a government that is truly representative of this country".

Theresa May will seek to stay on as Prime Minister and Tory leader despite failing to win a majority after her decision to hold a snap election backfired spectacularly.

But that gamble did not paid off, as concerns about social programs and security issues replaced Brexit as the main talking points in the United Kingdom.

A party needs 326 seats are necessary to secure a majority.

The Labour Party took seats from the Conservatives at Battersea, Canterbury, Keighley, Enfield Southgate and Brighton Kemptown among others.

Shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry said Labour "could form the next government" and would attempt to do so as a minority government if results allowed, rather than seeking to form a coalition with other progressive parties like the Lib Dems.

Protocol means that the previous government generally remains in place while there is a period of negotiation while discussions take place to form a coalition.

May had billed the election as a clear choice on who would lead Britain as it negotiated its way out of the EU.

When the talks do begin, experts say there could be a very different approach from the "hard Brexit" advocated by May that would involve leaving Europe's single market and curbing European immigration.

But May's botched announcement of a reform in funding for elderly care, a strong grassroots campaign by Corbyn and the terror attacks, which increased scrutiny of her time as interior minister, changed the game. "Time for everyone to regroup".

Mr Corbyn called on the Prime Minister to resign, and indicated he was ready to put forward a programme for government. When everyone - including me - had written Corbyn off as a loser, he's proven is he, well, a loser, but not quite as big a one as any of us thought he was.

A hung parliament is seen as a sign the government's direction of travel is less certain.

Most opinion polls and the bookmakers had been forecasting a strong majority for the ruling Tory party of between 50 and 70 MPs. Some Brexit advocates want the reject terms offered by the EU and possibly leave the union without an agreement.

But the common currency was capped after the European Central Bank on Thursday cut its forecasts for inflation and said policymakers had not discussed scaling back its massive bond-buying programme. Voter turnout was at 68.6 percent, according to the BBC.

Labour deputy leader Tom Watson said: "Theresa May's authority has been undermined by this election". "I was kind of hoping it would just go the way that the polls suggested it would and we could have a quiet life in Westminster but now it's going to be a bit of a mess". "That's what we have seen tonight".

The BBC's David Dimbleby admitted last night the broadcasters faced being "hung, drawn and quartered" if the prediction of Tory losses was wrong.

There will be a sense of urgency to the coalition talks to form a new British government because the Brexit clock is ticking: formal negotiations between the British government and the European Union are due to start on June 19 - just 10 days away.

Let's start with the obvious: it's clear that Brexit negotiations must be put on hold, or Article 50 temporarily rescinded altogether. Nonetheless I believe it will be possible to form a majority cabinet quickly and after a series of delays finally start the Brexit negotiations. Nuttall served as leader of UKIP until he announced his resignation Friday morning.

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