June 28, 2017

Patty Jenkins is ready for the 'Wonder Woman' sequel

10 June 2017, 05:33 | Marie Dunn

'Wonder Woman' Actresses Hint at More Amazonian Backstory for 'Justice League'

Wonder Woman's General Antiope will appear in Justice League

There had been concerns about the new Wonder Woman movie.

I was skeptical when Gal Gadot was cast as the ultimate warrior princess, but I was won over by her performance in "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice".

Her chance to accomplish her goal arrives when she rescues Steve Trevor, a spy who almost drowns when Germans tie him to a boat.

So this transition from a peaceful, protected enclave of women to a raging world war is a sort of baptism by fire for this gentle warrior.

In the comics, Wonder Woman has served as an ambassador between mankind and the Amazons.

When asked if fans of Wonder Woman would get the chance to see more of the mother-daughter bond between Hippolyta and the mound of clay she named Diana, Israeli actress Gal Gadot said: "Of course". This is an action film with heart - Brava!

Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman topped the film character list, followed by Batman and - surprise?

The Wonder Woman star is an inimitable badass, and basically the flawless star to bring the feminist icon/superhero to life.

In Wonder Woman, audiences learn about Themyscira and the culture of the Amazons through Steve's curiosity and questions.

But under the cover of night, Diana helps him escape under the condition that he takes him to Ares since she sees him as her chance to do good.

The success of Wonder Woman is in large part down to Jenkins, and she now finds herself in a place where she has the leverage and the bargaining chips to cut an even more lucrative deal for the sequel. His absence in any Wonder Woman story would be jarring to hardcore fans, and it's surprising to hear that this nearly happened in Diana's first ever solo movie. I mean, it wasn't Steve Trevor's movie, either (the title tells no lies), but it was more Steve Trevor's than the Caped Crusader's.

While most of Justice League's plot has been kept under wraps, we do know that the team will come together to prevent Steppenwolf, one of Darkseid's generals, from retrieving three mother boxes that are on Earth. Steve is so deep in the mythology that after some debate we found that just like Wonder Woman needs Steve, we needed Steve too. "Wonder Woman" is praised for its reliance on character development and sincerity, two traits missing from many superhero movies today. Zack Snyder framed the moment perfectly and the fight which followed between the three heroes and the admittedly bad looking Doomsday was great fun to watch and something that left everyone counting down the seconds until Justice League. "I'm sending you guys all the good energy and love back", she said in the video.

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