June 28, 2017

What to know before season 5 of 'Orange is the New Black'

10 June 2017, 07:19 | Tami Weber

TV Review: Netflix's Orange is the New Black is a combination of salvation and suffering in its fifth season

Orange Is The New Black

Orange Is the New Snack is the latest in a series of pop culture-relevant parodies meant to appeal to parents that Sesame Street has done over the years, from Mad Men, to Game of Thrones, True Blood and Downton Abbey.

The new season of Orange Is the New Black is available for consumption on Netflix starting Friday.

So, when we left off, Litchfield fave Poussey had been killed sending shockwaves throughout the prison (and through our laptop screens). Whether that Wednesday occurred at the beginning of the month or toward the end remains unclear.

Teasing what fans can expect in season five, Pimentel said it's been her most challenging yet.

There WILL be "Justice for Poussey." . And neither do the writers. "Not to say that women can't be violent, because they certainly can", but "t$3 here's a different tone to it, and I think it was surprising for the other characters, from the guards to the administration". As Taystee, Danielle Brooks is the voice of the riot, refusing to back down and refusing to let her friend's death slip away unmarked. "Humps" - as the sadistic Humphrey is known - decides to take advantage of the situation for his own amusement but bumbles it by bringing a gun into where the inmates are. Flaca (Jackie Cruz) and Maritza (Diane Guerrero), who insist on being called "Flaritza", spend their time becoming YouTube stars. That's right everyone, we're nearly there!

Is Crazy Eyes still trying to keep Poussey's spirit alive? . While we'll have to wait some time for Netflix to reveal the official Season 6 premiere date for its hit drama, a look at the show's history offers up a solid glimpse at when the next season will begin. Kate Mulgrew as Red is nearly unbearable to watch as she hyperventilates through season, tripping on "vitamins"; Yael Stone's Lorna, who was one of the best things about the show until now, is at her irritating best this time; Piper and Alex (Laura Prepon) take up the least possible screentime which is still not less enough, thanks to a love story no one was ever interested in.

There is also, inevitably, the ebb and flow of key relationships, most notably the impediment-laden romance between Piper (Taylor Schilling) and Alex (Laura Prepon), who saunter through the mayhem surrounding them with near-equal doses of bickering and self-absorption. "I have to get to them". There is a federal investigation going on hoping to catch the criminals responsible for the breach that is thought to have happened in post-production studio Larson Studios that doesn't have as strong security protections as larger studios do.

Piper then urges him not to come face to face with Poussey's posse, as "they're not ready to hear" from him.

What is season five about?

Will Caputo really be able to control the situation? . Taking place over the course of three days and in real time, nothing at Litchfield Penitentiary will be the same once the smoke clears. Surely a calm and simple stroll out of Litchfield won't happen anymore...

The book-smart inmate was accidentally crushed to death during a tussle between prisoners and guards, speaking a wave of grief and anger.

The killer of an unnamed "guard" remains a mystery. But Taystee's decision to talk to the media instead of Judy King runs parallel to one of this season's more meaningful backstories. We know the riot has to end eventually, and history tells us it won't end well. There are a host of big characters (some of which have been here since season 1) whose flashbacks we haven't seen yet or whose crimes haven't been fully explained.

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