June 28, 2017

Trump Offers 'Warm Support' to Theresa May After Poll Setback

12 June 2017, 07:58 | Grady King

Theresa May dealt a crushing blow in UK election

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In Thursday's election the Conservatives won 318 of the 650 House of Commons seats, 12 fewer than the party had before the snap election, and eight short of the 326 needed for an outright majority.

May said Friday she will attempt to form a minority government with Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party, or DUP.

Former Treasury chief George Osborne - who was sacked by May previous year - called May a "dead woman walking", and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said he was ready to contest another election at any time.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she assumed Britain still wanted to leave the European Union and talks should start quickly.

Many Tories are furious with the Prime Minister for losing her Commons majority and are blaming her personally and her inner circle.

British Prime Minister Theresa May says she will stay in office although her party lost its parliamentary majority in elections. She ran an election built on her qualities as a leader, but her willingness to lead from the front came into question when she refused to show up to a televised pre-election debate.

Now, Tory sources are briefing that no senior ministers are due to be moved, with the only likely changes being replacing the 10 junior ministers who lost their seats. She learned her lesson the hard way.

Strictly speaking, the Brexit negotiations can be conducted by Brexit secretary David Davis and European Union chief negotiator Michel Barnier without immediate reference to parliament.

Assuming the talks go well and the DUP agrees to back the Conservatives (this isn't too big of a stretch), a government will be formed and May will remain PM. She's then got to present a programme to Parliament. She will accept the outcome of this election.

"This must now mean the end of austerity, and a return to the investment and support our manufacturing industries urgently need". The UKIP, however, with a 2% vote share (down from 13% in 2015), finds itself collapsing into a black hole. The border was eliminated as part of the 1998 Good Friday Agreement, which ended the Troubles. It's hard to predict how they'll react, he says. It also promised to guarantee the rights of European citizens now living in Britain, regardless of the outcome of the Brexit negotiations. And he's made it clear that he believes Ms.

The former shadow chancellor labelled it an "OK result" after Mr Corbyn's party secured a higher-than-expected 262 seats and significantly boosted its vote share. May should "make way for a government that will be truly representative".

Labour's Corbyn, revelling in a storming campaign performance after pundits had pronounced his party all but dead, said May should step down and that he wanted to form a minority government.

Call it the curse of Brexit.

A very personalized, nearly presidential style of campaigning has contributed to the Conservative Party's loss of support, said Mark Goodwin, lecturer at the department of political science and global studies at the University of Birmingham in England.

He gained ground when she outlined a policy on nursing care for the elderly that was swiftly derided as a "dementia tax" and in the final days repeatedly hammered May for cutting 20,000 police officers during her tenure as interior minister - an assertion that carried weight as major terrorist attacks hit Manchester and London.

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