June 28, 2017

Bill Cosby accuser 'froze' during alleged sex attack

13 June 2017, 07:15 | Tami Weber

Cosby defense rests case; comedian doesn't testify

Bill Cosby waives his right to testify at his trial; defense calls one witness and rests

Cosby then assaulted her, she said.

Andrea Constand emerged from 12 years of silence Tuesday to testify at Cosby's sexual assault trial.

The woman accusing Bill Cosby of sexual assault acknowledged on Wednesday that she called the comedian dozens of times in the months after the incident, including multiple calls on Valentine's Day, but batted away suggestions of romance.

"So once you got a hold of your phone records (in 2005) and saw that you could not have possibly been ... unconscious on the night you had told police you were sexually assaulted, you changed your story?" The Cosby Show star has pleaded not guilty to three charges of aggravated indecent assault relating to the encounter with Constand, a former employee at his alma mater, Temple University.

Cosby, the actor and comedian who has been a household name for half a century, is charged with sexually assaulting Constand in his Cheltenham home in 2004. Constand's case is the only one in which Cosby has been charged.

"The only thing that is worse than [sexual assault] is the false accusation of sexual assault", McMonagle said, adding that false allegations can "destroy a man's life". Agrusa also said records showed 72 calls between Cosby and Constand in the year between the incident and the call to police.

"Eventually, he asked me to come up to his house to talk about basketball", she continued, noting that she also gave him her personal phone number.

Constand quickly defended her actions, arguing that she was obligated to keep communication open with Cosby on official Temple University business, and more importantly, to find out what pill he gave her that night. "News reports. ". I can't stop doing that now.

Cosby's defense team attempted to discredit Constand's story.

A woman has told a court she was "frozen" during an alleged sex attack by Bill Cosby.

She said she awoke in the early morning, quietly passing Cosby in the kitchen as she left so she could make it to her Temple office on time.

Ms Constand said the mood at the time was friendly.

His sweater-wearing portrayal of Dr. Cliff Huxtable made him a household name and one of the most beloved comedians in the world.

Cosby followed up with a phone call with questions about the team and slowly, she testified in court Tuesday, he became her mentor and her friend. She says she made it clear she didn't welcome the behavior.

About half an hour later, Constand said, she had trouble talking and difficulty moving and was suffering double vision.

"I was really scared". Cosby then penetrated her with his hand, she said, and also placed her hand on his genitals, she said. "And I felt him take my hand, place it on his penis and move it back and forth". "She viewed him like a father", she said.

Cosby was "somebody I trusted, " Constand said. Together, they just may inspire other survivors to see themselves as strong and resilient, too.

Even though she is supporting Cosby, Pulliam insists that she is an advocate for women.

"I felt embarrassed (at the time) because I had a secret about the biggest celebrity in the world at the time and it was just me, just my word against his, and I was very afraid", Johnson said Monday, explaining the delay.

She said she took two sips of the tea, nibbled the top of the muffin and left.

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