June 28, 2017

Record-breaking Cavaliers turn up the heat on Golden State

13 June 2017, 07:01 | Jackie Morgan

The Warriors took their first meaningful lead at 45-43 with about seven minutes remaining in the first half.

Or 137 in a game.

I'm not so sure the Warriors will shoot 28 percent from 3-point land again, and I'm certainly confident the Cavs won't be making 24 3-pointers or hitting at an unbelievable 53 percent from downtown.

He has won a road game in 29 consecutive series, another of his many National Basketball Association postseason records, but the challenge now is far greater than what the Cavs faced past year. "That's the only thing that matters", Durant said after Sunday's practice session, via ESPN. "They didn't do it by luck". "Disappointed that we didn't play better the other night, but aware that we are playing a great team". It's not only because we didn't play well. We have to come out with some fire and try it get done.

The Warriors don't want to give any credence to the notion this series is in any way like the one they lost a year ago after going up 3-1. James has only beaten his point total in sports books once - scoring 39 points in game 3 - in the series. Asked whether this might be the game the Warriors feel they must have, he said, "No, I feel this is the game we've got to get, or it's over".

In a play that seemed to say much about where the series was headed, Curry beat James comprehensively on a one-on-one play. "So we have to do that (tonight) as well".

Thompson had 10 alone in Game 4, including four on the offensive end that gave Cleveland extra opportunities to score and prevented the Warriors from getting out in the break. Add in that Golden State has 2016 in the back of their minds, and it gives the wine and gold a little more advantage if the series does go to a Game 6 and Game 7.

"The team that settled in the quickest was going to be successful the quickest as well", Irving said.

There are plenty of cheaper seats available for Monday night's game as well, though few would describe them as truly "cheap".

The Cavs have the momentum heading into Game 5, unlike a year ago. "We got to continue to move the ball, share the ball", James said. "We know what we have to do".

It's nearly expected that James will continue to raise his game, but it's less certain which Cavs will step up beside him. "If we don't stick to that game plan, then we'll be going back home without a game".

Finally, the Golden State Warriors have been beaten in Game 4 of the NBA Finals by the Cleveland Cavaliers. "The first three games, helping guys up off the floor, smiling, talking to guys, I didn't like that".

It was the first defeat Golden State have tasted in the NBA Playoffs this year after going 12-0 before the Finals. The priciest courtside seats are selling for $36,000 per ticket.How prices compare to Game 2Getting into Oracle Arena will cost fans $125 more for Game 5 than it was for Game 2.

When it came to Game 5, Durant said the Warriors have to tighten up on defense.

Of course, calling the people that inspire you to get out of bed in the morning boring isn't usually a good way to keep them happy. We believe that we have enough here to win a championship. "We know what we have to do in order to win this game".

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