June 28, 2017

Trump to clamp down on Cuba travel, trade

17 June 2017, 04:44 | Jackie Morgan

The exceptions are destined to protect American airlines and cruise-ship companies serving Cuban destinations from suffering from net losses.

In October 2016, Trump won the endorsement of veterans of the unsuccessful US -backed Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba.

As a result, the changes - though far-reaching - appear to be less sweeping than many pro-engagement advocates had feared. The United States will keep its embassy open in Havana and allow the Cubans to maintain an embassy in Washington.

"We will not be silenced in the face of Communist oppression any longer", Trump said.

Rubio will attend Friday's speech by Trump on Cuba.

Moran, whose state has nearly 46 million acres devoted to farm operations, has backed legislation to restore trade with Cuba. Successive presidents have eased and tightened that prohibition, and Obama significantly loosened it by allowing individuals to "self-declare" the objective of their travel in one of a dozen allowed categories, including for educational, commercial, or "support for the Cuban people" purposes.

What will President Trump reverse?

Trump is scheduled announce the new Cuba policies at 1 p.m at the Manuel Artime Theater in Little Havana. He was killed during a gunfight after a traffic stop on the New Jersey Turnpike in 1973.

Cuban dissident Cary Roque is handed a pen by President Donald Trump after he signed an executive order on Cuba policy, Friday, June 16, 2017, in Miami.

Saying the aim was to fix what Trump has called Obama's "bad deal", USA officials said the new administration would leave the door open to improved relations if Cuba undertakes democratic reforms such as allowing free elections and releasing political prisoners.

He has challenged Cuba to "come to the table" to strike a deal that serves both country's interests.

"U.S. private sector engagement can be a positive force for the kind of change we all wish to see in Cuba", said Myron Brilliant, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce executive vice president and head of global affairs.

A sizeable portion of American Cubans disagreed with Obama's reconciliation with Havana, prompting them to opt for Trump, who called it a "bad deal".

Will Trump vent to Rubio, a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, on the way down?

"It is very important also to develop a policy that would address the control that the military has in Cuba on all economic institutions on the island", said long-time Cuban exile and activist Ramon Saul Sanchez.

Cuban-Americans will still be able to travel to Cuba and send remittances, limiting the impact on residents of Florida, where many Cuban emigres settled. The bill has 54 co-sponsors. But as soon as new regulations are drafted by the Treasury and Commerce departments, they're likely to pour cold water on the burgeoning Cuban travel business.

Multiple sources tell FP the administration conducted an intensive interagency review process on a new Cuba policy that Trump ultimately spurned.

Senator Marco Rubio tweeted, "economic practices that benefit the Cuban military at the expense of the Cuban people will soon be coming to an end #BetterDealforCuba". But if the administration follows through on redefining what it means to be part of the Cuban military, that could affect policies on remittances down the line.

On Friday, U.S. President Donald Trump is set to announce some changes to the Cuba travel and trade policies that the Obama administration introduced.

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