June 28, 2017

Trump to rollback USA policies on Cuba

17 June 2017, 06:25 | Archie Newman

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President Trump on Friday announced the rollback of Obama-era changes to US diplomatic and economic policy with Cuba, declaring the 2014 deal "terrible and misguided".

Mr. Trump - fulfilling a campaign promise to roll back Obama-era policies that had eased restrictions on Cuban trade and travel - announced he is reversing the "one-sided" Obama-era approach in a way that won't tolerate the Cuban regime's infringement on freedoms.

Trump said he wanted to ramp up pressure to create a "free Cuba", predicting an end to communism in the country "in the very near future".

The new policy will also heavily restrict the ability of Americans to spend money at Cuba's military-controlled businesses, which include many of its hotels.

"I am totally sure that this is much better that what Obama did", said Lopez, who arrived in the 1960.

President Donald Trump reversed Obama's relaxed stance towards Cuba at a June 16 announcement in Miami.

While Trump repeatedly emphasized that the USA would extend its support to the Cuban people, not their ruling regime, he made it clear he will not reimplement the so-called "wet foot, dry foot" policy that allowed Cubans fleeing the island who reached American soil to seek permanent residency.

"A year and a half ago a president, an American president, landed in Havana and outstretched his hand to a regime".

In his speech, Trump maintained that the new policy would benefit the peoples both of Cuba and America.

The effect on US missions to Cuba and on the Cuban church itself is still unclear, especially as the Treasury Department has announced that it is still working through the specifics of travel regulations. "And nothing they got", Trump said.

In December 2014, in the most sweeping change in U.S. He said penalties on Cuba would remain in place until its government releases political prisoners, stops abusing dissidents and respects freedom of expression.

The U.S. government will also monitor other trips to ensure student travellers, for example, are pursuing a "full-time schedule of educational exchange activities".

But those who favor a greater opening with Cuba say the president's decision is a setback for improved relations and business.

Trump's directive will also seek to prevent USA dollars being used to fund the government and any business transactions with the Cuban Armed Forces Business Enterprises Group which is active in most sectors of the Caribbean island's state-controlled economy.

"I hope that everything he said will come through".

"Airlines are reviewing the president's directive and will continue to comply with all federal rules and regulations regarding travel to Cuba", says the group.

Today's actions by President Trump reverses that action and Trump's mentioning of Chesimard is a first from the highest office in the land.

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